Praxis Oath/Promise/Pledge/Creed:

We, the members of the Praxis Fellowship and Scholars’ Lab of the fifteen-sixteen academic year, in our explorations and explanations, in our obligations to one another and to those beyond our cohort, resolve:

In our determinations to fulfill these resolutions, “shortcomings” will be viewed not as failure but rather as a bettering challenge.


In respecting our obligations to one another and to those beyond our cohort we commit ourselves to being actively mindful of marginalized communities, with particular awareness toward issues of race, gender, class, and sexuality.

Credit in collaborative scholarship works differently than in a traditional academic context. In acknowledging our work and that of others we commit ourselves to give credit where it is due so as to honor the particular work that individuals have contributed to what we produce this coming academic year and in the future.

In being accountable for our own work, we commit to approach our work with excitement, diligence, and respect for its connectedness to the works of others. Moreover, in thinking about the changes of technology, we affirm that something is lost when collaboration only occurs at a distance, mediated by new technology. Together, we commit to make time and space for face-to-face thinking, present and in person as well.

Guiding Questions: