The Praxis Program Charter aims to outline core and shared values of the Praxis Program as the Scholars’ Lab faculty and staff envision it. It represents both a set of working practices and a way of navigating future outcomes based on the work of the fellowship. The values expressed there are supplemented by our Scholars’ Lab Student Programs Charter as well as by the lab charter put together by the Scholars’ Lab in 2014 that outlines many of our shared values and what we see as our mission. Explore all three of these documents together for a full expression of our pedagogy.

Our Towards a Project Charter page provides resources that have grounded our discussions and creation of the Praxis Charters.

Cohort Charters

Each cohort of Praxis Fellows assembles their own charter that reflects, as best they can articulate at the time, their shared goals, values, and working procedures. The most recent cohort’s charter (the 2023-2024 team) can be found here. The charters of all cohorts can be found below: