Meeting Notes - 8/27

James P. Ascher

Posted on 07 Oct 2015

(transcribed James P. Ascher, Aug 29, 2015, revised for the web Oct 7, 2015)

These notes were taken at the first 2015 Praxis meeting (August 27 from 9 AM till 10:30 pm) in blue dry-erase marker on three whiteboards in a total of four columns. Ronda wrote them on the board based on the discussion including Eric, Scott, Ammon, Rachel, Bremen, Lydia, Purdom, Gillet, Jeremy, Wayne, Ethan, and James. Transcription is based on digital photos provided by Purdom. Typos are silently corrected and line-breaks that seem to bear semantic meaning are transcribed with a pipe “|” or as line-breaks, but otherwise suppressed. All insertions on the white-board were indicated with an arrow, unless otherwise noted in the transcription. When transcribing for the website, underlines indicating emphasis are replaced with bold word because Markdown does not support underline, longer dashes are — rather than two hyphens, and the sub-list under “How we present ourselves to others” is represented as quotes.


Assumption of good intent [rest of line inserted] personal accountability that this is true for you

The whole person matters & needs to be cared for.

Compassion for self and others.

Mutual respect (people & ideas) agreement and disagreement

Being excited when someone is discovering the new (Welcoming the 10,000)

Generosity [rest of line inserted] of inquiry — academic empathy (meeting people where they are)


Asking questions — responsiveness deep engagement w/ others ideas

Power of generative play | not taking things too seriously | recognizing that what appears unproductive can generate breakthroughs

Consent matters

Flow -

Awareness that language can be slippery | “Ted talking” — boiling down complex to simple

Criticism comes w/ offer of collaboration [rest of line inserted] offer possibilities, not solution


Patience — w/ people + ideas “Yes, and…”

Laughter -

Fluidity — path not a destination

Iteration + reflection

personal failure — mindfulness of how we are w/ each other

technical failure — people have different tolerances + needs

Assessing [next three words inserted] successes and failures where we are and where we’re going continually

Boundaries & edges will keep cropping up

Feedback — have different needs, meet them where they are

Sympathy [next six words (being … accessibility) inserted] being deliberate w/ compassion, criticism, accessibility for those “outside the circle”

Balancing group and individual — taking care of both sides matters

Be aware of the context our work might play into

How we present ourselves to others

What are the groups?


colleges + universities


any group @ a talk or event — community of interest

awareness [next word inserted] empathy of ways of being, pressures of being for other races, gender identities, sexual orientations

[rest of line in the next column] research partners

Credit : acknowledging we’re building on the work of others

Ok to profess ignorance about something

###[beginning on the fourth board indicating a new section]

Accountabilities —

How often to blog [next word inserted by interlining below] tweet? How much?

Peer editing network for blog

Be in the lab 10 hrs / week (2 hrs in MakerSpace)

TBD: Credit for work done

TBD: How will group think about / handle difficult conversations