#Intro to Digital Humanities There is an abundance of excellent resources introducing Digital Humanities. The lists of resources and organizations below are not exhaustive; instead, we hope to get you started.

#Resources The Scholars’ Lab website is a wonderful resource for local events, workshops, and speaker series.

Miriam Posner’s wonderful “How did they make that?” is a great place to get oriented. Additionally, her video “How did they make that-the video showcases several projects and the scholars behind them.

The richly detailed and comprehensive, online coursebook based on Johanna Drucker and David Kim’s Introduction to Digital Humanities course at UCLA, dh101.humanities.ucla.edu, is an excellent reference.

Digital Humanities Now is a good place to catch up on research, news, and announcements.

Humanist is the long-running Digital Humanities discussion list.

Dan Cohen’s Digital Humanities Twitter list provides a quick door into DHers’ on Twitter.


Digital Humanities Quarterly is an open access journal published by the Association for Computers and the Humanities, ACH.

LLC, the Journal of Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, soon to be DSH, is published by the Association of Digital Humanities Organizations, ADHO.

The Journal of Digital Humanities is a peer-reviewed, open access journal published by Press Forward.

DH Answers is a community based questions and answers board supported by ACH and ProfHacker.