2021-2022 Praxis Program Charter (Version 1.0)

We acknowledge that the land where we learn and work is the ancestral homeland and traditional territory of the Monacan Indian Nation. We pay respect to their elders and knowledge keepers – past and present. We acknowledge and pay respect to the enslaved Africans, enslaved laborers, and free Black laborers who built the University of Virginia, as well as their descendants.

This charter is a living document that will evolve as we grow together as a community. As is the case with all collective endeavors, many people and places nourish and inform our desire to cultivate accessible and equitable spaces of collective care, playful experimentation, and common good. Our acknowledgements section credits their contributions. ​



To love each other even when we hate each other.

Mutual Goals

Personal Goals

Jacqui’s Personal Goals:

Joseph’s Personal goals:

Jennifer’s Personal Goals:

Cherrie’s Personal Goals:

Tarushi’s Personal Goals

Susan’s Personal Goals


We thank the UVA Library’s Scholars’ Lab staff –– Jeremy Boggs, Rondra Grizzle, Shane Lin, Ammon Shepherd, Brandon Walsh, and Amanda Viscontti –– for their rich feedback and commentary on this document, and all the previous Praxis cohorts for the examples that they have set.

Our Bookshelf

The following texts have shaped this document. We have cited some in the charter while others have influenced us in more implicit ways. We include them here to highlight those who have inspired us so that they might, in turn, inspire you. ​