Praxis Schedule 2020-2021

Praxis meets officially for three hours once a week during the academic year. The following schedule represents a projection of what the content of those weekly meetings will be. Each session is projected to be roughly 60-120 minutes long, which will allow plenty of time for flexibility and conversation with the group before and after.

Meetings will be online in the fall. In general, Praxis will follow the schedule of the academic calendar. So first meetings will be the first week of classes, we will observe holidays and reading days, and we’ll end each semester the last week of classes.

Code lab curriculum -

Slides -

Fall - 15 weeks - August 23 - December 8

Our standard time together is generally going to be Monday from 1-2 EST and Wednesdays from 1-3 EST, with 1-2 being Codelab. We’ll be on zoom at least for the fall.

Three assignments - charter, workshop, grant/project proposal.

Goal is to have them develop a portfolio of things at the end of the year both individually and as a group.