The Scholars’ Lab R&D group can regularly be found on its IRC channel hosted by Freenode ( This is a great way to ask a quick question or be part of other conversations. There are a lot of clients out there to choose from, and for brevity’s sake, we’ll limiting this to a Windows, a Mac, and a web client.

Web Client

You can access Freenode’s Webclient and get instant access without installing any software. Simply choose a nickname for yourself, and connect to the ‘#slab’ channel.


  1. Download and install Pidgin.
  2. Add a new Account
  3. Select IRC from the protocol list
  4. Set your username to your irc nickname
  5. Click Save
  6. Click on Join Chat
  7. Set the channel to #slab


  1. Download and install Adium.
  2. Select File -> Add Account -> IRC
  3. Set your Nickname
  4. Set the Hostname:
  5. You do not need to set a password
  6. Click on the Options tab
  7. Under Execute commands on connect: place the following:
    • /join #slab * Click OK


  1. Download and install TurboIRC.
  2. Tap on Connect
  3. Tap on Freenode
  4. After you are in the client, click “Join”
  5. Join the “#slab” room