objectivity is a patriarchal falsehood.

Gillet Rosenblith

Posted on 17 Dec 2015

Objectivity is a patriarchal falsehood.

What to do next term?

Changes—flickering b/w pictures—either using objective C or swift (James wants to do Objective C)—wants to do this as tool for time —apparently you can do this in Javascript, too

What are advantages of one larger project than smaller? RDT: getting in deeper

Are there advantages to show the work that we’ve done to communities including Uva, DH, etc.? What reads as us having done something that we can show?

Need to discuss budget, dissemination, and sustainability

First meeting back—scope out project, make general estimates about timing for each piece Think over break what will benefit you long term, and what you want out of praxis

Rachel makes strong case for sound/sonification in addition to visualization

Is there a unifying thing to tie together multiple projects—or a thematic framing? Or would we do things individually?

JPA: need to listen to each other—proposes speculative white papering

Purdom: speculative white papering as blog post

Jeremy: Call for response/Request for comments—blog posts = RFCs in some ways

Stuff to do over break:

Marking up CV = good way to learn html

James is giving everyone money??

Can make your site private—don’t need to publish

Talking about social presence first meeting maybe?