Inktober 10/5: Three Sketches

Ethan Reed

Posted on 05 Oct 2015

Wanted to put up a few time sketches for our own version of Inktober. I’m aiming for every other day or so, so here’s three.

All three have to do with time and consumption.

Popcorn movie time

I love going to the movies, and usually opt for the biggest popcorn possible (bucket) but wonder how differently and quickly the ‘time of eating’ passes depending on how big your eating vessel is (I’m sure plenty of others have written about this - just Googling around quickly I found an entire website dedicated to using smaller plates).

Pint by pint

The second one is another thing some people do to pass time together - having a drink at a bar or restaurant, which can go slow or fast. Here I tried to draw the rings that beer leaves behind as a marker of how much time passed where for the beer in this particular glass. Beer time! Reminds me of Slughorn’s Hourglass in Harry Potter, which goes faster or slower depending on the quality of conversation.

Cigarette break

Last is a cigarette - read a poem for orals by Sherman Alexie with James Dean in it (called “Tourists”), got me thinking of the images of Dean with a cigarette in his red jacket (no color in that photo, but pretty sure that’s the jacket) and got thinking of how so many people frame “breaks” from their day, little slices of time, around something like cigarette “breaks.” As though they were carrying a pack of minutes in their pocket.