Go-Go Time

Lydia Warren

Posted on 08 Oct 2015

So, I’ve been thinking about representing time. Let’s say, for instance, we want to represent the systematic, repeated demarkation of time, or the rhythm, of go-go music. For a basic overview of this genre, here’s the [wiki page] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go-go)

Things I’ve been considering in relation to this:

Some broader questions I’m thinking about:

So I’m trying to imagine a representation of a musical use of time that is of a certain time. Reflecting on it today will cause us to represent it a certain way, though a modern lens. Prototype idea 1 — an annotated map of the area that was ground zero for go-go venues with information from the perspective of a performer, dancer, fan, with video, aural explanation of the beat, and why it is significant to the cultural and historical legacy of the community. Essentially, a richly annotated and interactive snapshot from the heyday of the genre. Prototype idea 2 — a game where you physically learn the go-go beat, and the better you perform (play in time! make it groove!) the more cultural and historical information you are given. Literally learning to perform and embody a time (rhythm/history).

Just some things I’m thinking about in relation to time and its varied meanings, representations, and uses.