One Week

Lydia Warren

Posted on 29 Oct 2015

I track a lot of things. I talk to myself. I have lists. Upon lists. I have calendars with tasks and dates. I love it. I love planning, even more so than executing, at times. Tetrising schedules together. Travel arrangements. Organizing and chunking time to make large projects manageable. It’s probably my favorite thing. In finding something to track for a week, or a way to reorganize my time, or redirecting my attention to other aspects of my life as they manifest temporally, or whatever, am I excited to track something that might be suited to our goals as a team, or what might be fun to represent visually, or what might be interesting to alter, or what I already do all the time and I’m not considering trackable.

I think what I’d like to track for a week is my exposure to music. All of it. That which I seek out and that which I do not. Music played in stores, by me, on the radio in the car, at a bar, whatever. I am going to try to track what I hear (in a general sense, with “music” defined at my discretion, but mostly adhering to the popular use), when, where, and, well, whatever else seems necessary for context. I could combine this with other things I already track, if we found it fruitful or necessary, like my heart rate. I don’t know how or why that would be interesting. But hey, I’m prepared. I like this stuff.