Track the Treat

Ammon Shepherd

Posted on 30 Oct 2015

Hogwarts Family

Trick or Treat

With six kids all doing the Trick or Treat, we end up with a lot of candy in the house after Halloween.

After collecting the loot, all of the kids dump their candy on the floor and the trading and counting begins. So also begins the parental right of “vulturing”. That’s the parent’s right to pick which ever and how much ever of the kids’ candy as they want. It also helps that the 1.5 and 3 year olds have no concept of Halloween yet, so we get to pick from theirs by default!

Halloween candy usually lasts only a couple of weeks in our house. Our motto is get it in and out as fast as you can. Eating candy every day for a month is worse than eating 50 pieces a day for a week, right?

Time track the treats!

Sorting Candy!

Candy! Lots of it! I eat way too much of it!

So for my time track of the week, I will track and time the times I eat a treat. That will most likely help cut back on the eat the treat phenomenon.