Cloud Data: Nov 1-7, 2015

James P. Ascher

Posted on 11 Nov 2015

Cloud Data: Nov 1-7, 2015

Serial Scheduled Observed Present Location Observations Conditions
1.1:1   2015-11-01T03:23-05 JA, RC Little High, bedroom No clouds visible, dark & few stars visible, possibly because of the street lights. Observed from bed at approximate time, street lights & plate glass window. Somewhat hungover (drunk still?) after a long Halloween party w/ SW & friends
1.2:2   2015-11-01T07:08-05 JA, neighbors, passing car Little High, front porch RAIN! Nearly uniform grey clouds but sort of milky w/ some purplish sections breaking through. Natural light, sirens, hundreads of birds singing, neighbors making dog pee; headache blurry eyes, tired & some what cold, but not uncomfortable
1.3:3   2015-11-01T11:03-05 JA, AW, birds, RC, traffic Little High, porch No rain, slow moving NE, grey & white; looks like a storm; curdled water lumps that look like soft paper disolving in cold water RC & AW making fun of the project, clean and heading out to brunch, so I'm delaying them
1.4:4 2015-11-01T15:00-05 2015-11-01T15:00-05 JA, birds (RC upstairs) Little High, porch slow moving w/ sunlight breaking through, mild rumble (thunder?), wl a stillness suggests impending rain; not much blue, nearly black & white, blue-grey, no sky; getting read to leave w/ RC, having played Earthbound for an hour
1.5:5 2015-11-01T19:00-05 2015-11-01T18:40-05 JA, JD, M (BS and Lundy near), crickets Little High, porch & living room mostly dark sky, with some lighter streaks of cloud; one illuminated by the moon w/ a cool-blue light; one near the western horizon illuminated by orange city (?) light; in PJs, RC just left, full, talking w/ JD and tired from a long weekend
1.6:6 2015-11-01T22:30-05 2015-11-01T22:30-05 JA, BS, Lundy, crickets Little High, bedroom & porch organge glow near eastern horizon, no stars, black sky, no visible moon (cf. 1.5:5) bright lights make the sky hard to see; west has a cooler city glow near the horizon seems to be moisture and mist; tired afte a long day, observations
2.1:7 2015-11-02T03:00-05 2015-11-02T03:35-05 JA, radio Little High, bed in bedroom No apparent change, still black, starless w/ no visible clouds; a soft humming seems to have developed, woke up from sleep to write notes, so tired, not sure this is a great idea, but did use the rest-room; had odd dreams, but o/w good.
2.2:8 2015-11-02T07:30-05 2015-11-02T08:02-05 JA, two trash dudes, birds (JD inside) Little High, front porch smooth, grey, some stripes and clusters to the south west looks like rain: opaque & uniform, north looks marbled, east looks like pollution; tired from night observation, JD fussy, no coffee yet, a little cold, but enthusiastic about the project
2.3:9 2015-11-02T12:00-05 2015-11-02T12:30-05 JA, birds, cars Little High, porch white & grey tabby pattern w/ diffuse blue-grey light; cotton balls above; hazy to the east; rainy to the west; slowly moving North after shopping, making lunch & coffee, put off and hurried
2.4:10 2015-11-02T16:30-05 2015-11-02T16:33-05 JA, Tia, traffic, crickets Ivy Dental, porch some deep blue above, grey streaks, a few vapor trails, pool water blue to the west, grey storm to the east; moving slowly south post-dentist numb lips, about to bike happy & awake, but pestered
2.5:11 2015-11-0T10:30-05 2015-11-02T19:48-05 JA, MER, crickets, traffic Little High, sidewalk purple-grey and ruddy (puce?) large marbling overhead; no orange clouds to the east; mottled to the west; full belly, w/ MER, cool, numbing recovering, talking about relationships; street lights, MER really wants to move on; new plan
2.6:12 before bed 2015-11-02T11:30-05 JA, crickets Little High, sidewalk clouds overhead more broken up, visible chunks of purple or navy,; solid to the north, loose to the east; seem stationary; tooth aching post-dinner and the return of sensation isn't nice; tired, ready to sleep
3.1:13 waking 2015-11-03T09:54-05 JA, birds, (JD inside), traffic Little High, porch clear blue skies, no visible clouds, moon above, sun in yellow-orange sky to east, pool-water blue near west horizon, stringy blue north just up in PJs, stink eye from JD, cool temperature, moderate school traffic
3.2:14 2015-11-03T11:00-05 2015-11-03T10:36-05 JA, 8 students, 6 bikes, birds, plane, traffic Nau Hall, circular patio very clear skies, moon lower in the north, pool water to the west, cobalt above, pool-water near the horizon, really; just biked to campus, sitting in patio, awake, sore tooth, prepping for class
3.3:15 2015-11-03T14:30-05 2015-11-03T14:27-05 JA, ER, JB, PL, LW, 6 students Praxis Lab, through the window through the window, clear skies, bright sun pool-water color near the horizon, cobalt blue up, no moon, but only looking North; in the lab, was late to a meeting, reading email, ER and I are fangirling, Ronda walked in
3.4:16 2015-11-03T18:30-05 2015-11-03T18:52-05 JA, crickets, car, neighbors, traffic, Rosie, BS Little High, street & porch clear blue sky, no clouds visible, twinkling stars, blue-black, street lights, little wind, still no clouds recently showered, Rosie politely waiting, BS visited, AW coming over, slightly hungry, cool in t-shirt, sitting, after-shave on face
3.5:17 2015-11-03T22:30-05 2015-11-03T22:32-05 JA, AW, crickets, traffic Little High, porch & street no clouds, twinkling stars, Orion behind a tree, light on horizon, hanging w/ AW, snuggled & had beers, o.w. a quiet night, very mellow, want to play a game
3.6:18 before bed 2015-11-03T23:51-05 JA, traffic LIttle High, bedroom black-grey stky, no stars visible, through a window, street light, up late playing Earthbound, which was good, tired and worried about getting enough observations before bed.
4.1:19 upon waking 2015-11-04T07:59-05 JA, birds, traffic Little High, porch few clouds, except to the SE, white light, some grey bottoms and the pool-water horizon; a bit chilly out, lots of birds singing. I feel like I slept in, but apparently not (only 8 hours) could have 5 am
4.2:20 2015-11-04T11:30-05 2015-11-04T11:00-05 JA, traffic, music, outside Little High, desk, bedroom very clear still, cloudy on eastern horizon in strips, white near the pool-water blue, also southern too, clear bright, white; substituting early observation because of last night's pile-up and finishing a task: a reward
4.3:21 2015-11-04T14:00-05 2015-11-04T14:04-05 JA, traffic, construction, neighbor raking, children Little High, porch & street wispy clouds E,S,W, for E grey and low, S are little streaks of pure, white, W is billowing large clouds, N is deep blue; just patch pants & finished a book, hot, EH coming over shortly
4.4:22 2015-11-04T18:00-05 2015-11-04T17:22-05 JA, EH, traffic, birds, crickets, children playing, neighbors, squirrel Little High, sidewalk grey, falling light, low, light grey to dark, bluish grey east light breaking through in west walked around all day, EH assisting [with observation], street lights on, sun light around, around 60 degrees Fahrenheit, sun not visible
4.5:23 2015-11-04T10:30-05 2015-11-04T21:01-05 JA, crickets, traffic, ER Little High, sidewalk light purple & dark blue clouds, few stars, solid purples eastern, solid grey purple west, mottled north, deep blue south; full belly, having played games & caught up w/ ER & EH
4.6:24 before bed 2015-11-04T23:59-05 JA, crickets, traffic Little High, bed-window purple grey clouds on a dark navy sky, street light, few stars; after setting up and playing a little Earthbound at home and getting ready for trip to NYC to go to the workshop
5.1:25 waking ( ca. 2015-11-05T06:00-05 ) 2015-11-05T06:42-05 JA, birds, radio, traffic Little High, porch multi-color stripes to the east, dull-flat-grey to the west, south is a lightly ribbed grey-velvet mix, sun is rising on medium cover; just woken up, in jacket and jeans, worried about making the train on time
5.2:26 2015-11-05T09:30-05 2015-11-05T10:26-05 JA, passengers, trains, BH Train just past Manasses south widwon; wispy clouds in white along horizon reaching to a blue sky above; extremely limited range of viewing, but on a comfortable seat and working on laptop while reading, BH near
5.3:27 2015-11-05T12:30-05 2015-11-05T12:13-05 JA, quiet car, many more passengers NE of Washington DC, on train SE window: brown-grey haze, no clouds, dirty looking light swirling blackish clouds up, not much NW, but hazy too; in train w/ even more people as we travel, waiting to get lunch
5.4:28 2015-11-05T15:30-05 2015-11-05T14:24-05 JA, passengers, train Trenton, NJ, train station raining, sky reflected on surfaces at station as seen through the window of the train, grey-blue overcast; hint of aqua finished computer work, lady sitting by me, re-checked ticket, had weird lunch
5.5:29 2015-11-05T18:30-05 2015-11-05T18:30-05 JA, traffic, people on the street Giovanni's place, NYC, W 44th St. looking N out a window over buildings, black-orange haze, slight rain, glistening sidewalks; having read about Emacs & text all day ridden a train, managet to get into Giovanni's house
5.6:30 before bed 2015-11-05T22:05-05 JA, traffic, pedestrians Giovanni's place grey-purples quite bright, light from street, no stars, spot light creame in parts, just N over buildings; post shower, drinked with Ali, quite tired and ready for bed, feeling good though
6.1:31 awaking 2015-11-06T07:30-05 JA, traffic, siren, Frank Giovanni's place, out the window gre skies gradient from smoke grey to pale white, some cracks to blueish, above, bubbly, round; just awake, dressed, watering eyes, tired, but happy, hearing voices in the hallway
6.2:32 2015-11-06T10:30-05 2015-11-06T10:25-05 JA, traffic, construction, dude on phone Grolier Club, front porch fast moving, low clouds to the west through buildings, white & blue, above grey & white, fast moving; having looked at the exhibit and now standing outside, saw some friends and hung out
6.3:33 2015-11-06T13:30-05 2015-11-06T13:42-05 JA, traffic, construction, people Gene's Coffe Shop, porch fast, low clouds, slight haze to the west, bright sunlight & warm; hungry having looked at books for awhile and ready for conference
6.4:34 2015-11-06T16:30-05 2015-11-06T17:03-05 JA, people, traffic Along 44th St., on sidewalk hazy and humid, clouds close in totally memorial reconstruction
6.5:35 2015-11-06T18:30-05 2015-11-06T18:30-05 JA, so many people! street somewhere near Harvard Club nothing, too many people [apparently written in some haste and despair]
6.6:36   2015-11-06T20:34-05 JA, people, traffic, siren Giovanni's place grey & dark blue, slow moving, breaking clouds, grey cap over navy horizon; full belly & tired but okay and ready for bed
7.1:37 waking 2015-11-07T07:27-05 JA, traffic, people Giovanni's 4th floor dishwater grey-blue & tight grey-white streaked together, moving slowly, not fast, seem low, beautiful streaking up; just waknig up, feeling groggy as I slept 11 hours or so, but I think it was good
7.2:38 2015-11-07T10:00-05 2015-11-07T09:50-05 JA, traffic, construction, dude crossing the street, etc. Grolier Club, porch uniformish, grey & white, smooth colors, medium fast moving, light grey blue, etc. west a little orange at horizon; snuck out of conference, rushed
7.3:39 2015-11-07T12:00-05 2015-11-07T11:00-05 JA, conference smokers, traffic, construction Grolier Club, porch uniform gradient from white above to blueish near horizon, then grey below, then a white streaking think scalloped horizon; break at talk, saw LO, wants award
7.4:34 2015-11-07T15:00-05 2015-11-07T13:00-05 JA, traffic, people, construction, LO, ES Grolier Club, porch white-grey, bright clouds, darkening toward horizon, low lines of blue; moderate speed about 45 degrees up; after lecture grabbing lunch, but o.w. feeling awake & fine
7.5:35 2015-11-07T17:00-05 2015-11-07T18:10-05 JA, LO, traffic, people, dogs, horses Central Park dark blue sky, no easily visible stars, fast walking in the cool air, no sense of rain; having finished a conference on Provenance & catching up w/ LO
7.6:36   2015-11-07T20:40-05 JA, traffic, people Giovanni's window purple grey clouds, w/ pale but not deep blue ground, lumpy, chunks but not strings, or clods; breaking up toward horizon; sorta wanna go out, but feel like I should stay in

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Created: 2015-11-11 Wed 20:52

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