Meeting Notes

Javascript run through - some examples…

narrow down what we’re actually working on 3 areas, case studies? end of semester portfolio of representations of time from case studies lists from last week>priorities - james; what unites varieties of interests invisible girdle song beat on, beat off PUT GIRDLE ON, PUT GIRDLE OFF D3 as tool (neatline too: land and chronology) RDT: multiple girdles? Jerm: metaphor of the invisible girdle explanation Lydia: Go-Go as case study Jerm & Scott: wouldn’t be invisible if you wanted people to find it Scott: “great idea, now it’s just what you would do with it” D3 seems natural Ethan: invisible v. unseeable (right in front of you, but can’t ‘make it count’) James: Gossamer girdle? Rachel: Gridle v. corset GOGO as first case study? Gillette: Likes GOGO because of space on u-street possibilities Lydia: Things are still happening Purdom: We’d need an IRB RDT: What’s IRB Other case studies? Ethan: Scott’s embodied time studies – diabetes especially. Purdom: Can we mark time in our own lives in a similar way? Scott: Mark how we mark our own lives, habits, how are our lives structured, informed by them Gillette: We did this according to gender for a class, it was helpful Scott: Code factors of your life. James: add third thing Gogo, personal time, And then… Cybernetics, human mechanical machine, Invisible girdles and cybernetics Treating software as a diff-abled friend, can only think in certain parameters “what if, also>case studies, message transmissions with cybernetics, with different actors Ethan explains James: how our experience of time is mediated with technology Gillette: Weird to put “disease” on us Lydia: Map tomagachi onto monastic life Scott: Make reasonable expectations to use your time planning projects. Be good with deadlines. Ethan: How we value time? Living under capitalism. I’ve been thinking about stuff Lydia & Rachel: Money, spending habits relative to money

Today we’ve discussed the best ways to organize how we share our thoughts: blog posts, memos, the single line “What We’re Working On” at praxis.scholarslab.org… the site you’re on right now! And divvy up who is doing what.